winter tires Salmon arm

winter tires Salmon arm
Winter tires can make traveling in Salmon arm in the wintertime much safer than all-season tires. If you’re looking around for new tires before the inclement weather hits, consider Canadian 4X4. They carry the top brand names in tires their customers are looking for.
At Canadian 4X4, they have a motto: We won’t put a tire on any car that we wouldn’t put on our own vehicle. That’s a great motto to live by. No wonder locals trust them to equip their vehicles for the winter. Canadian 4X4 carries the following tire brands:
- Pirelli
- Yokohama
- Dunlop
- BFGoodrich
- Bridgestone
- Uniroyal
- Michelin
- Continental
- Nokian Tires
- Toyotires
- GTRadial
- And many others
Their experts will find the right tire for your needs and budget! You’ll find Canadian 4X4 not only able to meet your tire and wheel needs but also a wide range of auto repairs, axles, CV Joints, belts and hoses, driveshaft repair, brakes, cooling system work, preventive maintenance, state inspections, steering and suspension work, wheel alignment and much more.
If you’re not yet convinced you need winter tires to traverse the Salmon Arm roadways, consider the following benefits that come with installing winter tires before the harsh weather hits:
- Experts will tell you that winter tires outperform all-season tires in almost every aspect. Trouble in performance for all-season tires begins when the temperature drops. So while you may think your tires are pretty savvy in hugging the surfaces you normally drive on, it’s a whole new game once it gets cold out.
- Winter tires are made of high performance compounds that allows them to continue giving great traction even when it’s freezing out. The rubber compound that winter tires are comprised of is what gives them their efficiency over ice and snow. It’s these soft rubber treads that are able to operate in such a way that they can keep your vehicle in close contact with the surfaces you’re driving over.
- If you’ve ever slid to a stop on an icy road you can certainly appreciate the 30-40% shorter distance to stop you’ll get with winter tires. Salmon Arm residents spend a large portion of the winter months driving over ice and snow. 
- Tire experts will tell you that it’s all about the temperature, not about the winter surfaces on the road. As temperatures drop, all-season tires become inflexible and offer very little traction, even over dry surfaces. Never allow the month to dictate when it’s time to put those winter tires on your vehicle. Use common sense and put them on as soon as the temperatures are below 10C.
Contact Canadian 4X4 by calling 250-838-6949 for the best prices on winter tires in Salmon Arm. You’ll get a great deal on a top brand name tire that will provide you and your family with exceptional safety during the winter months you’ll be driving. For more information, go online to and see the list of services their experts provide to local residents.
winter tires Salmon arm