tires Enderby

tires Enderby
Whether you’re looking for all-season tires for the spring, summer and fall or are looking at winter tires for the upcoming inclement weather, consider Canadian 4X4 for all of your tire needs. They carry only the best brand names in the industry for their customers because they know the quality of your tires depicts the safety of your vehicle.
Winter is again just a short time away and if you’ve been giving any thought to your vehicle’s tires it’s a great time to come in to Canadian 4X4 and talk to one of their experts about equipping you with winter tires. You may be surprised to learn that when it comes to driving safely in the winter, it’s more about temperature than it is about road conditions. When the temperatures start to fall down below 10C all-season tires can start to fail. 
You’ll be aware of the advantages of driving with winter tires as soon as the Enderby winter season hits. They’re different from all-season tires in many ways that can ensure your maximum safety on all winter road conditions including snow, ice and even dry surfaces. Take a look at some of the main benefits of driving with winter tires:
- The specific soft rubber compounds that today’s winter tires are made from provide a maximum grip you’ll be glad is working to your advantage when the temperatures start to drop. While many vehicle drivers believe their all-season tires are fine for winter conditions because they perform so well during the rest of the year, it’s easy to recognize that their lack of performance materials makes them rigid when it gets cold out. Just pull out of your driveway with all-season tires and listen to their clumpety-clump for the first couple of miles and you’ll see what we mean!
- Have you ever slid to a stop over the ice or impacted snow while driving? If so, you know the feeling of being out of control in a vehicle that’s able to cause damage. Sliding into other vehicles, buildings or pedestrians is no laughing matter. Winter tires are able to reduce your stopping distance by an estimated 30-40%- and you know every inch matters when it comes to stopping.
- It’s no fun to hydroplane no matter what time of year it is. Winter tires are designed to displace the water around your tires to greatly reduce your risk of hydroplaning. Whether water is pooling or accumulating under your tires while you drive, today’s winter tire technology makes it safer to drive over all road conditions.
Call Canadian 4X4 at to speak with one of their experts about new tires for your vehicle. In Enderby, call 250-838-6949. They’ll be happy to help you determine the perfect make of tires to meet your needs and fit your budget. You know you’ll be getting the best tires on the market at the best price anywhere when you purchase them at Canadian 4X4.
tires Enderby