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Lift Installs

When you choose Canadian 4x4 Ltd. for your truck's lift kit installation, you're choosing quality and expertise. Engineered for durability and designed for the rugged road ahead, our lift kits enhance your pickup truck's appearance and off-road capability. Let us help you transform your truck into a true off-road machine.

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Lift Kit Options for Every Need

We offer many lift kits to suit your specific needs and preferences. From leveling kits that provide a slight lift for improved ground clearance to full suspension lifts for serious off-road enthusiasts, we have you covered.

Some of our lift kit options include:

  • Leveling kits: This lift kit is ideal for those who want a more aggressive look for their truck without sacrificing ride quality. Leveling kits raise the front of your truck to provide a more balanced and leveled appearance.
  • Body lifts: A body lift is a great option if you want to add larger tires or wheels to your truck. This type of lift kit raises your truck’s body off the frame, allowing for more clearance without altering the suspension.
  • Suspension lifts: For the ultimate off-road experience, suspension lifts are the way to go. With increased ground clearance and better articulation, your truck can handle even the most challenging terrain.

Our Lift Kit Installations Process

Choosing the perfect lift kit for your truck is just the beginning. At Canadian 4x4 Ltd., we simplify the installation process, ensuring your vehicle is ready for action with minimal downtime.

Our certified technicians start by inspecting your truck and discussing your needs to determine the best lift kit for you. We then carefully install all necessary components, ensuring everything is aligned correctly and secured. Finally, we conduct a thorough inspection and test drive to ensure everything functions correctly.

Regular Maintenance for Lift Kits

Like any other part of your truck, lift kits need regular maintenance to ensure they function at their best. We offer ongoing maintenance services for lift kits, including inspections, adjustments, and replacements of any worn parts.

We highly recommend scheduling regular maintenance appointments with us to prolong your lift kit’s lifespan and keep it functioning at peak performance. Our technicians will ensure all necessary components are properly lubricated, tightened, and aligned for optimal function and safety.

ICBC Certified Red Seal Technicians

Your truck is a valuable investment, and we understand the importance of quality service. Our technicians are ICBC-certified and Red Seal-endorsed, meaning they have undergone rigorous training and testing to ensure the highest level of proficiency in their craft.

This certification also means we only use top-quality parts and follow industry standards for all our installations. You can trust us to provide reliable and professional service every step of the way.

Book Your Lift Kit Installation Appointment With Us Today

Tackle the road and trails with confidence and style by booking your lift kit installation with Canadian 4x4 Ltd.. Our technicians have the expertise and experience to install lift kits on various trucks and vehicles, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance.

Give us a call at (250) 838-6949 or visit our website to schedule your lift installation appointment today!

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