All-Season Tires



Driving through puddles of mud or sheets of snow? An all-enduring car must be outfitted with a set of all-season tires. These specially designed tires perform nicely in a variety of weather condition, may it be summer, rain or even light slush. All-season tires are marked with M and S, usually representing mud and snow, which only reveals that the tire's tread has grooves which are designed for such road concerns.

Here at Canadian 4x4, we know that the best of vehicles only run with the best tires. We give our clients in Enderby book an appointmentand Salmon Arm the best options in choosing their all-season tires, coming from the most loved brands in the world. Our racks include tires from Michelin, Bridgestone, Goodyear, Cooper, BFGoodrich and Uniroyal, among other famous tire manufacturers in the world. You can find brand new as well as second-hand tires in our store, so you can purchase the one which most fits your budget.

All-season tires can be distinguished by their tread pattern. Their grooves are molded into the tread; this is constructed like so in order for the tire to keep its grip on the road when water, mud and snow get in the way. Summer tires are made with a simple tread pattern, while winter tires are molded with an aggressive tread with wide slots to capture the slush and deep snow. All-season tires are mainly used for mild weathers, giving you full control on the road during spring rains, heightened summers, and chilly autumns.

Versatility is the most outstanding factor of an all-season tire. It gives drivers enough traction on the road even in varying climates, reducing the efforts of changing tires to match certain weather. Giving off an adequate performance in everyday usage, it is the middle ground tire variant between summer and snow tires. Thus, all-season tires have been the go-to-choice by many residents in Enderby and Salmon Arm, as it gives off an excellent operation during days with varying weather.

For better driving performance, choose all-season tires with sipes. Smaller sipes work nicely with warm climates, while medium-sized sipes offer the best versatility. These sipes appear like deep grooves and presents better traction when driving through extreme weather conditions. Some tire varieties come with medium-sized sipes, or a combination of small and medium sized ones to aid road grip.

It must be noted that all-season tires are not specialized tires; they are not made to handle extreme temperatures. Going below 45 °F may cause these tires to stiffen due to their rubber construction and narrow sipes. And unlike summer tires, all-season tires do not offer better steering benefits. However, don't take those factors negatively; because all-season tires are made for moderate weather, these are made to last longer compared to the specialty tires.
Choosing an all-season tire can be a difficult task. As a car owner, there are many factors which you must take note of in evaluating an all-season tire. One thing to consider is the tire's performance in different climates. Second, the tread depth and longevity; two essential features which will affect your tire usage. And just like with other tires, you also need to look into the load index and traction. These details are available by noting the string of numbers and letters on the wheel's surface. Of course, you can always ask the experts at Canadian 4x4 to help you out.

Many brands now showcase optimized designs infused with silica polymers that will improve traction, treadwear and even fuel efficiency, most notably on slippery roads. These all-season tires promise excellence in performance, reliability and durability, even in abrupt changes in the weather. Bearing adaptive treads, you can sit back with ease and comfort behind the wheel as you travel through Enderby and Salmon Arm with confidence.

Enjoy driving through gentle weathers with excellent traction on the road with all-season tires. This way, you can store your specialty tires for their next use, protecting your investment by replacing it with a budget-friendly alternative. And because the treads in these tires do not wear out easily (even with varied weather condition), you get to save a lot more.
We at Canadian 4x4 are dedicated to helping you find the right tire you need, whatever season it is. With our wide range of products, we are sure that you will find the right tire that will suit your budget and preferences. It is our goal to bring you the best car products without hurting your budget, so you can drive safely and smoothly, whatever the weather.

While all-season tires are used for a variety of weather conditions, it is our advice that you equip your vehicle with the right kind of tire per season. Once the coldest of winter hits, it's time to replace your regular all-season tires with something more appropriate. If you are searching for excellent summer and winter tires in Enderby and Salmon Arm, look no further; we carry a wide variety of products from the best tire manufacturers in the world, all accessible in our one-stop auto shop.