all season tires Salmon arm

all season tires Salmon arm
Looking at all-season tires to take you through the Salmon Arm winter? That may not be the best idea. While all-season tires are an excellent choice for the spring, summer and fall, winter demands a winter tire that can provide the safety and maneuverability you need.
Canadian 4X4 carries the top names in all-season and winter tires. Customers looking for Bridgestone tires, Michelin tires, BFGoodrich, Pirelli and many other popular names come in to Canadian 4X4 because they have the best prices around. They say they would never put a tire on a customer’s vehicle that they wouldn’t put on their own car or truck, and you can well believe them.
Come in and talk to an expert at Canadian 4X4 tires about replacing your all-season tires with winter tires for the Salmon Arm inclement weather that’s coming your way. You’ll find a wealth of benefits when you make the switch! 
Old winter tires sported deep treads that were designed to do little more than paddle their way through the snow. Granted, they were an improvement over what was available before they showed up. Today’s winter tires perform much better by virtue of their design. It’s also very much appreciated how much quieter today’s winter tires have become.
Drivers may not be aware that the performance of a winter tire is more about temperature than about the ice and snow. All-season tires become rigid in cold temperatures which is why they aren’t suited for winter driving. Softer rubber compounds make it possible for winter tires to hug the surfaces you’re driving over in a way that no all-season tire could. Tire experts suggest having your vehicle outfitted with winter tires before the ice and snow make their first appearance; in fact, as soon as temperatures fall below 10C, it’s time to make the switch.
Modern winter tires outperform all-season tires in the Salmon Arm area because of their ability to help you stop at a decrease in length, at an estimated 30-40% shorter in distance. For anyone who has ever slid to a stop at a stop sign or signal, this is a much appreciated benefit. Many truck owners mistakenly believe their all-wheel drive is intended to help them stop more efficiently but the truth is that all-wheel drive provides better acceleration. Your tires are means to stop you; and when it comes to stopping on ice, snow and dry surfaces, nothing stops you better in the cold than winter tires.
Today’s winter tires sport shallow treads with grooves that displace water and reduce the risk of hydroplaning. This is another feature you can’t get from all-season tires. Salmon Arm residents looking for the best prices on top brand tires will find them at Canadian 4X4. 
For more information about making the switch from all-season tires to winter tires, call 250-838-6949. Canadian 4X4 will make sure you get the right tires for your vehicle.
all season tires Salmon arm