Winter Tires



When winter season comes, your vehicle gets the beating. Slush and snow along with the slippery street make traveling dangerous. Don't let the snow and hale hinder you from getting to your destination safely; purchase the book an appointmentright set of winter tires and gear up your car for the cold weather ahead. If you're somewhere within Enderby and Salmon Arm, you're in luck; we at Canadian 4x4 are ready to give your car a proper winter repair by installing the right winter tires you need.

No, your summer tires won't do much for you. Regular tires only present a narrow tread and uniform, low edges, something that will not keep up with the amount of snow you might be dealing with. When the temperature hits below 0, these tires tend to stiffen and may even get clogged by ice. There is a big chance you might slip on the road, collide with another vehicle, or get into a far worse accident.
For better traction on snow, a tire will need a lot of edges; these sharp edges cut into the snow and help you drive better. Tires with irregular shapes offer more edges. Winter tires also feature wide channels where the snow is deposited upon the turning of the wheel. The buildup of snow is disposed of as the tire rotates. Some of the snow may cling in the tread grooves and these are helpful as a bonding element for the next layer of slush.
Winter tires also offer better sipes, which gives better traction on the snow covered streets. Sipes are the little cuts in the tread blocks that open up and grab the water off the ice, reducing the effect of lubrication between the ice and the winter tire's rubber.

Our goal is simple: to provide you with the best deals on new and used tires so you can prep up your car in the most practical manner. We've got top winter tire brands curated for you: Goodyear, Bridgestone, Michelin, Cooper, Uniroyal and BFGoodrich, among others. These tires are inspected for quality and will guarantee to take you far and safe, even under the blast of the snowy climate.

When purchasing winter tires in Enderby and Salmon Arm, we recommend changing all four. You will require optimal grip as you traverse hilly roads and snow-covered highways. Fitting only two winter tires lead to a lack of stability, especially during breaking or even cornering. Changing all four tires guaranties better control, as winter tires have treads of softer compounds, making it more pliable even when used below freezing points.
Let our experts help you in finding the right set of winter tires you need. We'll guide you in choosing the right tire size that will fit your car, SUV or truck. For low-profile vehicles, we'll give you options to find an alternative size that offers better traction control. Narrower treads are recommended for the wet and icy road surfaces.

We understand that many skip on buying winter tires in Enderby and Salmon Arm because of the expense. After all, winter tires can only be used during a short span of time, unlike seasonal tires. However, this also means you are putting you, your family and your cargo at risk as you navigate through the slushy road. There's a high chance of getting involved in an accident by using the wrong kind of tire for the cold season.

Here at Canadian 4x4, we want winter tires to be less of an option and more of a solution. That is why we have gathered products from the best tire brands to offer you winter tires you can easily afford. Because when it comes to traveling, safety comes first, and your tires play a crucial role in keeping you and your car out of harm's way.
As autumn months roll in, consumers start prepping up for the season as the manufacturers distribute their products. It never hurts getting ready early; you can browse through a wider option of winter tires before it all runs out. Call us today and let our pros help you; you can start your search by looking into your tire size, speed rating and load index. These details are found in a line of numbers and letters found on the tire's sidewalls.

You may also want to point out your winter driving concerns. There is a possibility that you might be facing slush, ice and snow here in Enderby and Salmon Arm. Take note of the roads you take; are they well-paved, or do you take ankle-deep snow on streets? Winter tires vary according to use, and if this confuses you, our experts are ready to help.

Ready to face winter? We're here to help. Visit Canadian 4x4 and arm your vehicle with the right set of winter tires that fits right into your budget.